Jim Harbaugh with caddie Vic Fangio at #attproam.
  • 49ersJim Harbaugh with caddie Vic Fangio at #attproam.

  • dwall831@jwalkhc oh hahaha ok
  • nelsonjlee@kjmendez3 👍👏good stuff man! Some people make absolutely no sense...like get rid of the HC who has given us two years with winning seasons AND post season appearances?!?!? WTH?!? 'Nuff said.
  • antonio.pacHaha well glad u did @kjmendez3
  • oldmankutchThere are 32 teams. Only 4 get to the conference champ games. We did that 2 years in a row. Only 2 make it to the SB. We did that this year in Jim's second year. Does anyone remember Dennis Erickson? How bout Nolan and Singletary? Get rid of the coach? ARE U FREEKIN KIDDING ME! These are the people who still want Alex to start! How many coaches get 7 or 8 years and don't even sniff the playoffs?
  • alo_cloonoBest coach. Back to back wins were coming back more hungry and more strong. Next SB is ours for sure. #ninernation #ninerfaithful
  • jlguitronHarbaugh is the MAN!
  • therealantoniosolano@oldmankutch thank you! You are the only person with some smarts around here about the 49ers. Please continue being a fan. Bandwagons please jump off a bridge.
  • howdydudeeYou're the man Jimbo 👍
  • jackson3turnt5meRAVENS
  • cliff.laFangio is killing it
  • kadesi83@erycas No, he wasn't apart of it. They had retired players because the parade would've been the same day if they had won. They actually only had 4 niners and 8 giants.
  • 49ers84@oldmankutch alex smith sucked lol i think jeff garcia was better...i still remember steve young it doesn't take 7 years to figure out alex sucks balls...
  • ms_myra_Harbaugh I Love You and your AWSOME red sweater 😉
  • eclectic.visuals@nelsonjlee @titipacheco23 thanks guys! I had to say something when ignorant people want to go on and talk like they actually know stuff. I usually dont care to get involved in dumb convos like that so i just said my part and left it at that
  • josea222Y'all niggas ain't #ninerfaithful fans if you takin shit bout yo own team! gtfo wit that BS you bandwagons
  • nelsonjlee@kjmendez3 totally agree and I do the same thing!
  • shianne_isabelle49ers fan for life <3
  • swin__dellJohns better
  • coopermacneill^^ I'm with u
  • coopermacneillBut Jim's good
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