It's a throwback, but it still rocks in the clubs!! I'm A Flirt #remix #tbt @troubleman31 @tpain
  • rkellyIt's a throwback, but it still rocks in the clubs!! I'm A Flirt #remix #tbt @troubleman31 @tpain

  • delicate23This is a song of anger and guilt! If he married one 14 admit he like them 19 and married a dancer can you all just imagine how many lil girls he screwed after shows and before and paid not to talk? He admit he was molest as a child what he did not admit is he was mentally damage to grow and think he come molest lil girls all his life! He ant no flirt he is a sex offender!! You grown female getting wet over the music should keep in mind he host kids!!! Which is a living threat to society cuz u never no if or when he will touch your child or kin!!! The man need help and surely u don't help him when u promote or honor such behavior!!"
  • delicate23And he still gotta thing for yo lil sister lol
  • delicate23If you overlooked sex offenders would that help them or keep them ovoxo?
  • chinkyikayI know you probably won't read but if so my name is Kayla and I was wondering if you ever needed someone to be in a video please contact me thank you . I'm trying something new and tryna find a way to start
  • dierra10@rkelly Homie lover friend#
  • missnicolerayThe Best....
  • librachyk<3 u R...honey love
  • file_130I just wanna suck yo **** lm-fine-ao
  • sharonpalmer24Every flirt has a master, am a flirt, are you a learner? @ rkelly
  • joannforuLuv love Luv that CD.
  • barbie__456I don't c nothin wrong with u baby
  • iamsnobbyStill my shyt
  • bkwannnLOVEE ITTTTT
  • sharonann0228🙌🙌
  • mf_carrierStill
  • momo350zLegend
  • natalie_therese_xoxoLet me remind u that I am the king of r&b! Yes u are! Love u G @rkelly
  • didi_8701No c xq esta cancion me acuerda a ti @angelo_kirton #Imaflirt :-P
  • angelo_kirtonPor que es mi Favorita bb @didi_8701 T la dedico
  • evidencedanielSo am i. True Capucien baby.@rkelly
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