#tbt.. 9 yr old me...Playing basketball was my dream and I'm living it. Wow!!!
  • dwyanewade#tbt.. 9 yr old me...Playing basketball was my dream and I'm living it. Wow!!!

  • chino_nawfside@dwyanewade you aren't inspiration to play basketball currently I am playing au basketball
  • dtx_kng_eddieeeStarted from da bottom now u here
  • ayeitslandanYou are one of the best players in the game today and ONE of my favorite players
  • red_passion_itaThe best player in the world my best player ❤❤❤❤ @dwyanewade
  • socalbroIn San Diego, right?
  • vampireayalove i
  • vampireayau
  • hunterglau2020I'm going to your my #IDEL
  • unbuttonthesuttonSo inspirational
  • r.3o2Man @dwyanewade you were tall at 9, I'm that tall now and I'm 11
  • layne.shelton1How old we're you when you first started playing basketball??? @dwyanewade
  • raul.dsbgWhen did u start wanting to be a basketball player
  • megiovinoWow you look a lot like Zaire!
  • _koben_I wish come true just like cuz my dream Is to be a NBA player on the heat team @dwyanewade
  • maurice2fastU tall and u my favorites. Please comment please
  • skyedaballerI really just want you to know that I admire you. When I looked at this picture I said I hope I live my dream when I get older. When I was playing for a school some people from LSU came came in watched me play in mother heard them talking in they said I was the next Sydney Cooper. I really just want to play WNBA basketball. I'm not going to stop tell I make it. When I'm laying in my bed I will get up in walk to the park. P
  • skyedaballerI made I mistake on the p. So keep doing what you doing in one day I hope you see me on tv in say that's that girl that posted under my picture. I was #3 so we rock
  • giacomo_0824@marcus_ballesteros
  • kent_placeMan you looked like I grown man!
  • follow_fanu.fifitaMy best memory of you is when you got that knee injury, I know it sounds dumb but, the fact that you couldve easily retired there, while being the best player. You would have of been fine, but instead, you get up and start fighting back. It didnt matter how painful it was for you, you still pushed through. That memory is my inspiration, my motivation and my determination. Or that awesome play in highschool when you blocked two people in one possesion then returned on a fast break, and slammed it down for illinois high! #wadestancegiveaway
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