SAN FRANCISCO! I'm aching to give you oral. Meet me here in 1 hour...
  • thatkevinsmithSAN FRANCISCO! I'm aching to give you oral. Meet me here in 1 hour...

  • jessie_duvalvalI'm crying because i can't go!!!
  • mosahefuNo way! I'll listen for sure!!
  • zildplyerSaw you last time with jay in San Fran wish we could have made it there! Good luck
  • jbrucifer666You are seriously an inspiration to me. Sorry um posting this on your shit but i respect everything you've done with your career . Thank you for being such a Badass
  • bbamokFront row! :)
  • rubijewel710@thatkevinsmith no!!! How did I not know you were going to be in town? :(
  • dinahchamberlain@thatkevinsmith ready & waiting
  • eeleezeYou guys haven't done a plus one in sooo long!
  • lachicaria:-( stupid kids
  • hensolo88I love plus one!
  • boobookittyfartCutest couple goes to...yall.
  • tardisgirlmkeIsn't this one only a live show?
  • susmoz@majikshel marquee!!!
  • breanabanana65Kevin, i fucking love you. You are the only star I have been 100% a fan of for most my life. I just want you to know how loved you and your fam is!!
  • breanabanana65And another plus one podcast!!? HELL YESSSS!!! JEN IS THE SHIT!!! :-D
  • blackmasssacraficeSF loves you, @thatkevinsmith!!!
  • jedimommaDamn it all to hell! Why on a Wed night. I freaking love you and want to see you so bad!!! Ugh
  • andrewr62002Noooooooo!! I never even knew! I've been dying for a new plus one and I missed the chance to see it live. I wantJen to blind me with Schweience. Love your wife and you dude
  • whitepassing@thatkevinsmith I stayed up to watch you as a guest judge on king of the nerds, and I was kinda weirded out by what appeared to be sexism. That that makes me sad, because I look up to you a lot.
  • bericsYay new Plus One!! About time
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