@joshduhamel is way better than me! #doodling
  • juleshough@joshduhamel is way better than me! #doodling

  • vincentseveroHe must be related to Picasso.
  • iamsuperliannei so loooooooooooove the dress
  • tiffanyealmondYou're adorable!
  • annabell097Love the dress, where can we get it??!!
  • daalbahar💘💘💘
  • haileyjbruceOh my goodness. You're so unbelievably cute. Can I be you? @juleshough
  • daniyah13Aww💚
  • becca_bop_I love your hair I got mine cut just like yours cause I love it and I love u @juleshough
  • rickquell@juleshough ahhh I just watched Safe Haven and you were absolutely amazing!!!! #greatmovie can't wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD. Keep up the good work, your an inspiration! Xoxo
  • karaatorrHi! I know you probably won't see this but here goes. You are soo amazing at acting. Footloose was spectacularly amazing & I just saw Safe Haven tonight with a few friends! I think all of your fans can agree that you were perfect for that role☺ it was so magnificent and your emotions were so well portrayed, it seemed! Everything about it was both suspenseful & yet lovely at the same time! I will be eagerly awaiting your appearance in other movies because you are by far one of my favorite actresses now! It would be so incredible to meet you, but then again that's probably a slim to nothing chance, right? Anyway I just wanted to let you know that you have a dedicated fan base supporting you & that we are rooting for you & that we CANT WAIT until you make an appearance in another movie! I'm going to watch Safe Haven again & again and most definitely buy it! It was spectacular. Thank you for being an actress and choosing to entertain others; you're outstanding at it! Keep up the amazing work as long as you love it! - Kara 😊👌🎉
  • samar_sumzYour dress is beautiful omg your so flawless♥♥♥
  • vladimirkorneevNice girl
  • brynn_jHi!!! You are seriously so great #nuffsaid you are the best actress EVRR and I love safe haven and footloose both SOO much!! (esp. safe haven) I've seen it 9 timesss:) ok well keep it freshh p.s. you are seriously flawless like its not even funny.
  • brynn_j@juleshough ^^
  • jesstiannI think its safe to say that it wasnt the best drawing, ur prettier! @juleshough afterall we are in 'Safe Haven' Love yaaa
  • tessacarolynn11So cute ❤
  • wildorchid_77Lollllssdd
  • michakristineThis is so cutee <3
  • valerianezgaBeatiful dress @juleshough ;)
  • miritmatei@mpatti7 cute dress
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