25 to air.  Feeling the luv in 1a.
  • studio1adon25 to air. Feeling the luv in 1a.

  • irock1977You guys are too funny!!!!!!!
  • joshandangie811David Gregory is Tall Drink of Water! @studio1adon
  • joshandangie811And women do not talk as much as men! That's malarkey. @studio1adon I've been married 2 times. Both men are the quite type . Yet when it comes to the telephone or running in to random people. .. They can't stop .. Things gotta get ugly to shut them up!
  • bergahI love David Gregory! He's a great anchor and way too adorable! Please have him on more often!!!!! 😍
  • chrisdcaWhat was Matt thinking going on vacation during sweeps? Crazy! lol
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