#Caps arrive in Pennsylvania. #CapsPens tomorrow at 7 p.m.
  • capitals#Caps arrive in Pennsylvania. #CapsPens tomorrow at 7 p.m.

  • bushybt@kevin_vernal preach!
  • tristanxevrsTo be honest @kevin_vernal is pretty right, caps fan too, brooks definately works his ass off and deserves and fits Captaincy better, may have just thrown it to ovie as something pretty to clinch him as our franchise player, either way we new him to step up, and to get everyone going generally also and get some wins, this slump is rediculously pathetic for the team and players we now have and is crapping on our shortened season, get it in gear! Seriously!
  • staydryI'm a hardcore fan come rain or shine... And I think our problems can't all be laid at Ovie's feet but... I completely agree with comments here re his Captain status. As soon as he got that "C" his game fell apart. Taking his C won't fix Ovie but its the right place to start. Go Caps!!! Lets get the win in THIER barn Thursday.
  • kevin_vernalOvi should drive to baltimore and talk to Ray Lewis and ask him how to lead a team or how to use leadership skills...
  • gnarwhal420They'd probably just get drunk and murder someone
  • staydry@gnarwhal420 LOL! Now That's funny!
  • tykaroway82We need to make a move soon we need a scoring threat . Because joel ward isnt going to cut it
  • vakhrushevofficialWe have Evgeniy Kuznetcov. One of the best russian young talents. He rules in KHL.
  • street_logic13Oh my god just fucking win
  • morourke04@slavakm haha you know it! Looks like a lot of the "positive posse" commenting above
  • rreardon_stWhy do the Caps fly Air Canada?
  • newvee30I like Johansson the most.
  • jesse_simpson79Why are the Caps flying Air Canada from Washington to Pittsburgh? #NotInCanada
  • slavakmRock the Kool-Aid! Sell the team, Ted. @morourke04 I know bro lol
  • karnlyn27Taking the "C" away - posturing that as a solution - is nothing. This team needs some heart, needs to spill some blood , and come together and play as a team. Be aggressive, set up the shots , and quit waiting for your opponent to give it to you. TAKE IT CAPS- You fans are still here!!!!!
  • logan_roberts1Ovie is a great player and shouldn't get stript from the captain role.the caps offensive sucks right now and u all can't just blame it on ovie its a team effort to win and not the team is in it right niw
  • kyliepenticostHappy to see they fly #AirCanada even when state-side. That's a great partnership @nhl!
  • britt_leigh_2Let's see a pic of Bäckström in a suit :)
  • ludwigsegergrenGo Pens!🐧
  • acgarrityKnock those nasty Pens in the mouth!!!! GO CAPS!!!!!
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