@matt_barnes9 and @ronnyturiaf at shootaround this morning in Orlando. #RepLAC
  • laclippers@matt_barnes9 and @ronnyturiaf at shootaround this morning in Orlando. #RepLAC

  • _drehypeTrade them losers
  • lakers_hamid11Flop city. Never was shït never will be shit.
  • stefanigurgelLove them
  • luvlaclippers114@chrisischemical good for you, now what is your point? What does playing under the Lakers banners have to do with today? Seriously, what is your point bringing that up? The Kings put in money for Staples, so what? Should we give Laker fans cookies bc there are statues around Staples? And seriously, that Stern stuff is the past too. Just saying... Need to move on.
  • __nat.e@luvlaclippers 👌good shit, tell those laker fags that are on the clippers page for some reason
  • djthirdrailooksI'm dick of watching them get beat !! Come on Clippers, you guys are better then the way you have been playing. I want to see a championship this year ! Lets go !
  • djthirdrailooksHa ! Dick !
  • notsoyoungjeevyI have a feeling once Kobe is retires the clippers are going to slowly take over the city. Clippers are targeting kids as their fan base so when the generation is older its going to be a clipper city, it's a theory. And earl Clark is goin to be a clipper in the near future cuz lakers can't afford him
  • luvlaclippers114@chrisischemical nope, no nerves struck. Just wondering what the point was. We rep our team regardless of rings, banners, or statues. End of story. Are the Clips struggling yes, but people are failing to realize we have a lot of new guys on our team too. Half the team is new (just like the Lakers) and two of our starters are out. But whatever, we aren't panicking or mad. You rep your team, we will rep ours. Just saying, don't hate if the Clips have real fans.
  • luvlaclippers114@nate_32 #RepLAC!
  • colbycampbell22We gotta win we haven't been good with our cp3
  • __lil_adam__CLIPPERS🏀🏀🏀🏀
  • reckless_mdbBarnes is the man !!
  • sam_gorovitzClips suck #gomagic #orlandomagic #gustavo #glen #nikola #keepgrindin ##reporl #magicnation #magicup #magic
  • arabacaflockaflame@sam_gorovitz if we suck then why are we leading our division and you guys are the east's basement dweller?
  • ahri_sn95@whothehellisted let them hate! I've been waiting years for somethin like this to happen were finally a dominant force in the NBA NEW FACE OF LA!
  • kev_e_kev@laclippers yall got a roster full of Laker Rejects! LOL!
  • el_mero_mero_baltaLaker rejects??? Hahahaha! I bet you wish you had them right about now!
  • cp3bg32fan@el_og_balta hahha.. FAKER FANS HATING AGAIN 😂
  • efren300zx@kev_e_kev @el_og_balta ... Get ur facts straight if ur coming over to dis u dum *uck ... Some start their careers on the clippers roster... Flaker pay a nice chuck of cash for transfer ... Which we pay nothing and there back, better then ever..thAt sh it is getting old get new jokes...like why are the Flakers not even going to make it to playoffs... What did the power goes off before the buzzer and yobey miss his 3pt.. U must have both been Molested when u were young to take ur anger out and hate on our Clippers ....
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