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  • missbaldwin#dirty30 #bristoltakeover #turtup
  • rchalet@therealmrlandry30 when are the #Laroning shirts coming out?
  • gregoryperhamus@therealmrlandry30 @therealmrlandry30 I don't know and don't think you remember but I just want to say you're an amazing guy. At the last jets game of the year this year, I was there with my family. We live in Michigan and they flew me in to see you play. I look up to you and you're my idol. You inspire me. I was wearing your jersey and you came over after the game. Even though you guys lost you were still a good enough man to take off your game jersey and sign it and give it to me. You have no idea how much it means and meant. You changed my life with that, it really motivated me and still does. Your my idol man, and I just want to say thank you so much for doing that to me. You changed my life and I want to have you know I appreciate it.
  • glory__boyzI what up
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