Just shoot me reunion lunch on monday.
  • davidspadeJust shoot me reunion lunch on monday.

  • szarzuelaGreat show!
  • salomon_and_coLove u guys. 3 hugs a piece : )
  • joellloveyogaEveryone looks great!
  • em_black2510I'm obsessed with that show
  • hottomatotodyHoly snacks. One of the best shows. EVER.
  • abeauty2unveilLoved this show
  • jendak01"eat a little Shushi, drink a little sake, get a little weird" (I think that's how it went) either way I use it ALOT!
  • carm1nGreat show
  • gabrielaj_22Dennis Finch loved this show
  • laurxnwhiteMy favourite show!
  • sarahdel90@aoifejaneannie do you remember this show???
  • aoifejaneannie@sarahanndelaney omg yes!! Awh I looooved this :)
  • alwaysfaithfullionI miss u guys 💖 any chance for a reunion show? xoxox
  • marchtrickI loved this show!
  • frothymixture@numberonedadd
  • moonwalker_angel1985@DavidSpade I Absolutely Love this show and this Exact same show 5 years ago while watching the Episode "Night At The Plaza" that you David Inspired me in a way that Changed My Life Forever and that is walking again after being Wheelchair Bound for 10 years and Even at 1 Point Living in a Nursing Home but Now been walking for 5 years Now and Living Independent and because of your Big Inspiration I'll be soon Living Dream and Setting Out to Accomplish My Goal of becoming an Actress and a Singer/Songwriter because I'm Saving Money as we Speak so I can Attend a School Of Performing Arts in LA,California! Thank You Very Much David For Your Wonderful and Awesome Inspiration! You are not only My Inspiration but David You are also My Hero for your Big Inspiration! You are The Best and always will be! Thank You! :)
  • arpi_khMy favorite sitcom and funniest cast! Sending you love from Egypt!!
  • thetinyraccoon@tortueviolette
  • bridgetzissou@drunkenhei
  • jpm2014Love all you guys! Love from South Africa! ;)
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