Parking space took!!!!! Lol
  • demarcuswareParking space took!!!!! Lol

  • garymarekLIKE A BOSS !!!!!! Hell yeah
  • jonnygwalt@aortiz707 couldn't have said it better myself you're spot on with everything said in that post
  • deetown92I love how jerry has his own parking spot @demarcusware
  • kadencarter13Great photo Marcus. It's quite incredible to peer at
  • hunterjohnson9Take his job from him too @demarcusware
  • ace_cardoDemarcus can you ask Jerry Jones to let The Cowboys to wear the Blue Jersey more often.
  • deejayaugustineDoes he have a separate spot for Jerry jones GM Jerry jones owner Jerry jones president
  • ramon2This is not the practice facility people its at the proshop warehouse.
  • spongebobsquarepants112233can you ask Jerry Jones for y'all to where the 1960 Jersey 1 game
  • lat6350I think Jerry's parking spot should be the one to the right. The sign posted is kind of accurate. No offense intended... Just sayin...
  • dominick_paolercioDemarcus I am from Maryland and I am looked at as the idiot who likes the cowboys :( Can you make the playoffs next year and show the world how amazing you are
  • qmorrow1908How is everything going Boot? How is your shoulder? 😉
  • rowdygotkicksU awsome
  • iamadrianx@demarcusware hit me up when you're at the w hwood bro! I work our rooftop nightclub Drais!
  • garyresnikOMG
  • doc692Were u at!! How you feeling you ready for next year!!
  • your_dallas_cowboysCan I get a follow on my fan page man?
  • cello_1kB ware of d Wate
  • colby.fbHey Demarcus ware! I'm one of you biggest fans I love the dallas cowboys! I want to play in the nfl for the cowboys so much! I hope one day I can meet you! I bet you won't see this since you have so many followers but if you liked one of my pics or followed me it would just make me so happy! Thanks @demarcusware! PS Beware of DWare
  • tinktinktink___why would you want to play for such a shitty team @the_colby_football_era
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