Guacamole is happening right now. Life is good.
  • thebrowneyedbakerGuacamole is happening right now. Life is good.

  • jmkrajciSoooo - what's the recipe? :)
  • seebrookecookI love cutting into a perfect avocado! I hate it when they are all yucky inside, such a bummer.
  • just_saraiWhat is ur recipe? Is it gonna be on ur blog? I have not had success with guacamole. ;(
  • lbomb58Where did you get good avocados in Pgh? I had a super disappointing bunch from TJs this week.
  • jaynetinkersAhh.. How I long for avocados and guacamole! Gotta indulge and splurge a little on my next grocery shopping trip!
  • thebrowneyedbaker@jmkrajci @just_sarai This is my favorite guacamole recipe:
  • thebrowneyedbaker@lbomb58 Got them at Giant Eagle for $1 each! Best avocados I've seen in months!
  • lbomb58Thanks! I will have to check there soon.
  • coraldivalove avocados with lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt. Sprouts has hass avocados 49 cents each
  • whippetsrockThey also make for some awesome mac and cheese!!! As improbable as that sounds :)
  • melissam8880Avocados are $3 each in Australia!!
  • lelykoHave you tried making this into an avocado milk shake? Yumm too! :)
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