SAN FRANCISCO! I don't need no stinkin' badges! Come see me yap at 8pm!
  • thatkevinsmithSAN FRANCISCO! I don't need no stinkin' badges! Come see me yap at 8pm!

  • kaosxtechKevin just ty for being you. Everytime you perform or i see you at a show you seem genuine, funny, and real.
  • oneveyGotta love a good quote from blazzing saddles
  • xtrisarahtopsAhhhh I wanna gooooo
  • thecubiksrubeThat's not originally from blazing saddles.
  • sra_serrano@thatkevinsmith Clearly they are using the term "artist" loosely…💚
  • kevinkunzeEnjoy the Bay Area! I'm sure you'll fit right in you smoker...of da cock 🌁🌈
  • just_the_batmanAt least now Diedrich Bader won't be hassling you for your lack of a pass.
  • namaste666@la_perra I might be goin!
  • cory_burnsedDont your think their should be some quotes around "artist?" Id be a little appalled if I were you, my good man.
  • inkedmaI love the pass
  • mazzzzziThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre!
  • carissaiscoolEven my stomach flu won't keep me away!! ... Tmi?
  • goll13My badge would read "SLACKER"
  • adamwightonDude youre a tracer..
  • lotlizardproblemsOnly good part was when the wife's mic died
  • rondagpOur favorite of all the smodcasts are the ones with his beautiful, halirious, & talented wife.
  • missyprevostu should come to the ottawa comic con and bring muse
  • joe_kerr421An artist would've given us the rapture. :p
  • luckytattoosYou once did a podcast and brought up the star wars tattoos I'm doing on a friends thighs. Just wanted to say thank you for the input on the pieces.
  • sketchbooksLike a boss!
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