Yiiipppeeee! #goodtimes #sanfran
  • desireesiegfriedYiiipppeeee! #goodtimes #sanfran

  • jessfelicioneYou're SO pretty! I look up to you and so do my older sisters. Obviously Sean made a mistake but don't worry the guys will probably be chasing you down all the time! Haha the Bachelor will be so boring without you! You're so gorgeous and I hope I look like you when I'm older!
  • oxomocchioxoDes, you are gorgeous! I loved you on the bachelor! So sweet and smart too.
  • joethemanthatcanGoofy lol
  • angeleyes1961You were our favorite pick towards the end on the bachelor in #Belmont. Daniella's home town. You better be the next bachelorette! 💝
  • emilylamasonBE. THE. NEXT. BACHELORETTE.
  • dat_surfer_gurlyour soooo amazing i think any guy who dates and marrys you is lucky your your great
  • ericalexingtoni know her in real life
  • pastxlsYou were totally my favorite from the bachelor! You are so sweet and pretty and Sean made a big mistake and I cried when you left!!! I am so glad you are the next bachelorette!! You totally deserve it! ❤💛💚💙💜💗💞💖💘 @hartsdesire4
  • paulina_roth@wheatyball same! :)
  • alexis_kauffmanHey this is a relative
  • mjervingYou're perfect. And my favorite bachelorette. Speaking of.. IM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE BACHELORETTE! Love you Desiree! @hartsdesire4
  • leahellweinYou are so beautiful! Can't wait till bachelorette! @hartsdesire4
  • maymaypinkCant wait hun! The best of bachelorette season!!! You're beautiful <3 @hartsdesire4
  • mati_bolanosNice jacet
  • peyton.aldersonYOU ARE SO PERFECT!! I LOVE YOU!!!
  • chelle1625You're amazing
  • lilmel2223@hartsdesire4 You're truly amazing Des! Im so glad you ended up finding true love and able to share a lifetime of pure bliss with Chris! Love ya! Good luck with everything- you deserve it all! Xoxo!
  • love03cmarie29Very PURELY B E A U T I F U L 💜💕
  • annelieselorsbachBEUTIFUL
  • lexihellmichPretty
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