Once you go envelope liner, can you ever go back?
  • fourhatspressOnce you go envelope liner, can you ever go back?

  • annahedgesabsolute perfection. holy cow.
  • lindsacalLiners are the BEST. Love it. Plaid & Kraft are the cutest pair.
  • memedavis11❤❤
  • macandmurphyNo, you really can't. I actually told a client today that not having a liner was NOT an option. ;) @samsidney
  • spindlephotoMmm envelope liners!!
  • klingjaThese look awesome! I feel we have been talking about this for months but I want to talk about some stationery with lined envelopes soon. (And, actually make it happen...)
  • samsidneyLove the liners... Its a fame changer for me! Although Darren made fun of me for being a do it yourselfer xo
  • fourhatspress@klingja lets do it!
  • tallulahfaireLOVE these!!! I want striped ones!!!!
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