Preach @iamdiddy
  • krisjennerPreach @iamdiddy

  • rothko44✨❤
  • g_scarletOk
  • ellemcOld people rule!
  • fahrirasihanTrue
  • haslem40Always sayin it like it is
  • dola565Am I supposed 2 b impressed?
  • lampitiaThis is the probkem with America. "Go go go. Never sleep. Never slow down. Mow over anyone aggressively to get whay u want". Eff what you need just get what you WANT". PATHETIC.
  • lampitia@dola565 I think so......sad huh?
  • rebecca_nicholson_That's sad
  • mnr0101@soraya_2105.
  • towrybNot if u have Jesus Christ! I am a momager... Sleep is essential! Much love!
  • jaderachel91What a negative message. You do all that and you miss the important things in life. It's about balance
  • kissmylallasOnly in a world of pure business.. I highly disagree. Life is about happiness not about winning.
  • ryanmattheyPreach it xoxo
  • tooprtytohandle_But when youre richer than most youll always have the upper hand #duh
  • amos_chooLife is not a game your right. You gotta hold it tight or I'll go loose, not lose. We will not lose until you give up. So you gotta stand strong, not physically but mentally. And please dont stop losing as you will keep winning in the future. Get some badass hurt and pain through the journey. Success is about fail fail and fail, don't quit.
  • amos_choo@daniaguilera7 haha cool
  • gigigi22Woooooooord up.
  • shirleyjkozDiddy and anyone living this way is lost and blind. They need to be found and see .
  • lysynda._@junior0208
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