Winter blues is outta place. #justcruising
  • tonyhamlinWinter blues is outta place. #justcruising

  • wolf.skinThat frame colorway is sick!
  • vladeclatIt's really cool
  • dhks1386damn cool
  • zach_schneible@tonyhamlin ....hello mr.hamlin I understand you are a pro bmx rider and the last thing you want to hear is a nagging fan asking for a favor....but I was just wondering since I don't feel like asking my mom to take me to CK cycles I would ask you........when you have a standardized headset, are you able to buy different forks for that bike or would I have to buy a new bike? ...i understand you have a life as well as every other person and you don't need this.....but all my buddies that I ride with in steelo were not giving me a dead set answer the other day so I thought I'd give it a whirl to ask the pro :) and I was also wondering if I were at my aunts (the outskirts of Rochester) is there any good x shops over that way? Thanks for your time...... -zach
  • zach_schneibleBmx shops ***
  • tonyhamlin@steelo_518 yeah if you have a standardized headset you'd need a new frame and forks if you wanted to upgrade.
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