mushroom and taleggio cheese pie on the blarg today...
  • miss_mossmushroom and taleggio cheese pie on the blarg today...

  • rowanevawhere did you eventually find taleggio?
  • miss_moss@rowaneva you can usually find it at Checkers (they have a great cheese section) but also available at Woolies. I got that piece at Giovanni's as a last resort after searching everywhere for it - very $$$
  • tonowhereandbackNice photo
  • rowanevaah, giovanni's. thanks.
  • miss_moss@rowaneva I would go to Checkers first, the taleggio there is actually nicer - not so ripe.
  • miss_moss@rowaneva oh the brand to look for is Portobello
  • rowanevashot a lot. will definitely make this when @karen_em and i eat carbs again. groan.
  • missemmajudeSaw the post, this looks incredible. I'm going to have to try the recipe. If you're going to break from the low carb diet, do it with a cheese pie, I say :) @rowaneva
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