JT Miller addresses the media after #NYR morning skate.
  • nyrangersJT Miller addresses the media after #NYR morning skate.

  • byzantine16@the_babehj what's wrong with Rangers fans from NJ? It's annoying enough to live surrounded by Devils "fans" we don't need crap from our own kind.
  • melissa_cynthia@byzantine16 absolutely nothing Wong with it! Blue shirts unite! Lets go rangerssss!! Ps I hate devils fans they suck
  • melissa_cynthia@the_babehj the rangers are a very classy team which is one of the reasons I respect them so much. I have to say I agree with the whole bandwagon fans every time we have an attractive player but I'm the long run these "groupie fans" are still in fact rangers fans and The more the better! Im a make up artist and I'm very into fashion over all a real " girly girly" but i am also a hardcore rangers fan. I would hate to be judged.
  • beautylxv💋
  • mmcniff4The rangers r stacked, they might not be the best now but come playoff time they will be the most dangerous team to play against.. Ps this is coming from a bruins fan
  • nickberbari19#rangerswillbeatthedevilstonight
  • michelledolzani😍 @deannaaax
  • rja_527Hoping this kid can do some big things for us but also pumped to see what powe can do he is a shot blocking machine gonna be missing the presence of Cally on the ice and kreider's speed but I think we'll be alright
  • rgarvey30JT is gonna be on the team for the whole year and he will be on 2nd line by end of year
  • sean_ogara84What happened to kreider
  • byzantine16@melissa_cynthia thank you! I completely agree. In fact, one of the main reasons I am a Rangers fan is because Devils fans really bug me. Most (not all) are overzealous pricks. It just honestly blew my mind when a Ranger fan ( the_babe hj) attacked another Rangers fan. So strange to me. Anyway, LET'S GO RANGERS!
  • rja_527Bone chip in his ankle @patches_ogara
  • timmayy81@absilvers how much?
  • absilvers@timmayy81 text me
  • jooy_20سو تصفيه لوجهك المره الجايه لا تطلع كذا تقرفنا '
  • allie.coppolaOmg can they come to my shootout @nyrangers I sent out a note
  • mikemo731I am Going to the game Sunday
  • hockeystyle3Good game jay.
  • ctylagI skated, next to you JT and spoke to you before you went up to the big boys!!!!
  • mayita_hmCute
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