Attempting to Juice
  • jwowwAttempting to Juice

  • gibetheonein fact Italia isn't*
  • gibetheoneItalian!!
  • bre.munozLol creeps stalking you. Lol I don't like ugly people anyways. 😁😁😁 Question though....are you even the person I had corrected?? If not, this is truly sad. You have been insulting us with no reason. You should know that I am the wrong person to try to put down. You are a nobody who can't and won't phase me. With that being said, keep on insulting us if you'd like. If that makes you happy, it makes me happy.😘 @mltmomma You have very good grammar considering the fact that you are Italian, @gibetheone. Not only that but you still live in Italy and my in the U.S. Thumbs up to you, hunny. Go ahead and speak Italian to that dumb broad and see how much she knows....without any sort o translation.😉😉😉
  • gibetheone@brendam88 I love you 😄 😘 if you come to Milan tell me! :) I'm going ti London in April to improve my english, I hope I can do that! So @mltmomma "go fuck yourself" 😉
  • bre.munozI'm very glad to hear that! Learning a different language is always a good thing. Don't let that bitch get to you. I'll definitely keep that in mind because I want to go ASAP! @gibetheone
  • gibetheoneObviously I won't :) lol I hope it with you so :) @brendam88 you seem more retarded than me, trust me @mltmomma :) in fact you are ignorant, as I said before! I'm always right 😉 c'mon, keep insulting us if you have nothing better to do😘
  • gibetheoneand what you think I'm doing now? Laughing! Because you are ridicolous lol @mltmomma
  • gibetheoneOh, keep doing it dear 😚 @mltmomma
  • emhann_Lmfao ^ the people of Instagram xD
  • eileen_zajacOmg the people on Instagram
  • middleton.clynnYou ladies are fighting over a grammar mistake..? Wow...
  • alanajgarciaYeah wow
  • kayla_wrateWow
  • lonleyspacevixen@mltmomma @_bre88 HEY! Who fucking cares!
  • bre.munozWow.😂😂😂 @dyehigh
  • busymomwellness@jennijwowwmtv Still drinking your ShakeO? I need to get a juicer too!
  • ajman554@ajmanboy111
  • diandra1103@jaclynn102
  • jaclynn_102@diandra1103 😂😂
  • kyleee_marieLooks nasty @jennijwowwmtv
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