Time to work off all the wings I ate yesterday πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆβ€
  • snookiTime to work off all the wings I ate yesterday πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆβ€

  • unknown50491I love you snook 😘
  • juliebabyy91Okay yes I'm a bitch helping out another bitch but its cuz I'm her fan and u don't. Have a fucking life so u sit here on Instagram bitching about how u hate celebrity's that u haven't even met or know personally. If u don't like her get of her fucking account and stop looking at her pictures and commenting. If u didnt like her u wouldn't look at her pictures all day long and fight with her fans. @bennettpolly
  • juliebabyy91Cunt @bennettpolly
  • anishhaaa_Stop it u are perfff 😘😍 i miss my meatball :( she's all grown up!
  • dejabeans@bennettpolly shaaaaatt up alreaddy!!! u sound like a broken record, i saw ur pics & no matter how much u hate, she'll always look better than you!!
  • rereofficialigWhen you make pictures like this .. PRETTY ! : ) and you look young
  • kelseyjogisYour so skinny
  • slime_94Beautiful
  • isaiah_saenz18You are so ugly.
  • cadenceloos#snooki
  • dangerliciousI wish I knew how she did this
  • baniazdemmahom@christian_ovoxo WTF! Don't like don't comment
  • ally.maiersTake a two piece bikini pic so we can see your crazy workout results!! Pleasee
  • baniazdemmahom@christian_ovoxo 😧 genius
  • dtownjalen__You so skinny
  • eortiz2011You look to good 😍😍 @snookinic
  • _s_a_90Y3
  • taaylooorrrrUgh snooks, I need to lose weight. Your pics are motivating!
  • cita0987@snookinic hey Nicole can you help me lose weight plz . It's really hard for me I don't want to be like this .
  • milkshakes_and_mimosas@snookinic you are gorgeously gorgeous and I am inspired by you to get in shape. I am a vegitarian and I will continue to eat healthy and exercise. This picture of you is what keeps me going. I love you and what you have become
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