#podcasting derailed. Missing software. Come on Amazon. #fail
  • jen808#podcasting derailed. Missing software. Come on Amazon. #fail

  • theimpulsivebuy@jen808 what's your podcast going to be about? I've been thinking about doing audio podcasts too.
  • lisacngHigh tech!
  • jen808@theimpulsivebuy Oh, you will do great as a podcaster. I'm doing two. One for my book club (yawn, I know) and the other a commenting on news/pop culture type podcast. Think a mix between Philip DiFranco/Tell'en Steve Dave. My friend and I argue a lot, which a lot of our friends already thinks it is hilarious. We might as well record'um, right? What were u planning on doing?
  • jen808@lisacng It just looks that way. It's the cheapest and most basic model out there. Lol
  • theimpulsivebuy@jen808 going to do a junk food/fast food podcast with our writers and other review bloggers.
  • jen808@theimpulsivebuy Love it. You'll do great.
  • saturdayscomingawesome to see the the podcasting community grow here on IG! Can't wait to hear your first episode!
  • jen808@sincewerehere Thanks! I'm shocked that many ppl don't even know what podcasting is. I hope we, the podcasting community, can change that.
  • saturdayscoming@jen808 it's almost always easier to to just say Internet radio lol
  • jen808@sincewerehere Haha. Smart. I never thought of that. Makes sense.
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