Thx for a da bday love!! My favorite sales lady in NM!! Alisha
  • mr_camronThx for a da bday love!! My favorite sales lady in NM!! Alisha

  • therealsherbitHappy birthday cam! I love your music man! Enjoy
  • lee_henryHappy bday killa
  • caroruth@myemilylime
  • sexyanbeautyHappy birthday Cam from a long time past friend
  • sofiepavitt@dollydayinn we should start pretending to be sales associates
  • chedadinerosCam happy bday killa!
  • mr_camron@ras9 thx bro!!
  • mr_camron@xoxm_gxox thx my dear!!!
  • mr_camron@soyjackie thx sis
  • ladydee730_Happy birthday Fam! » They been playing Hey Ma intro. On the radio for about a month now love it all time favorite!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY KILLA CAM CAM !
  • ladydee730_Lady DEE from Staten Island currently wilm.NC! Showing mad love mad love..I remember being in Staten Island at my grandmas when I was 13? I would be looking over the bridge listening to Hey Ma on the radio wishing I could cross that bridge and smoke a blunt with legend killa cam...then I got the privillege to book your king suite and supply the loud music!
  • lexbubble27I seen yo sexy ass today at ohare airport when yu wlkd by the harley davidson store @mr_camron .... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BOO!!♡
  • ladydee730_A king and legend from Harlem NY was born of a kind with the NY swag
  • kingdolla17@Mr_CamRon Happy G day Killa , u inspired myself has well as the niggaz around me in so many ways . Dipset raised and fine tuned our 80's babies of NYC forever a fan since "confessions of fire" I wish u and urs everything life can offer , enjoy ur success , u deserve it . Happy G day
  • funsay439@mr_camron happy birthday killa...
  • kaish10Happy birthday month!!! Best wishes
  • dorcel1Happy bday man glad you still doing good man, you was always the leader of dipset. Your the one that really push the word fly to another level. And always did things different from everybody else.. God bless you bro.
  • savagepapi_umc@mr_camron yo you still know how to play basketball ?
  • hoes boost clothes from out of Neiman Marcus
    Real hot while you fast to melt
    Gucci jean suit, jacket felt, oh yeah, matchin belt
    Uh, she so independent
    But I slapped her, why? cause I ain't slapped a ho in a minute @mr_camron lol
  • oohitsglenisLook at you ! 😍😘
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