• joeybadass🔥🔥🔥.

  • tevonraww@kemarrozay reporting for duty #respectthebitchmob
  • socrasteeez#taskforce
  • phangshuiAww
  • eddiee_312Come to Chicago !! #Proeratour
  • daddy_ellOF bites his SHHHHWANNKK
  • kobandicootRockin a lot of Rugby lately (shit closed anyway 😔)
  • colethegoonima spark it off unorthodox @ogswank
  • des__zWtf is yo dumbass wearing bitch! you look stupid af nigga. Lil B swag on a trillion nigga while yours on like nnegative infinity you no stylhavin ass bitch ass ugly haircut havin ass dumb ass BITCH!
  • des__z#taskforce
  • guycalledlexWtf is that shit on yo head you ugly ass dick breathe, gay butt pirate price of shit. Based God's swag is way better than that pull yo fucking pants up you fucking crack baby #taskforce
  • des__zlmao! @yovnglordvlex look at the first picture its a dicksucker talkin shit
  • hoodrichremyWho the hell go to another mans (one you've never even met) just to hate. So petty
  • no.limit.qRap is about skill.
  • hippyera4evaFuck #taskforce Faggots up the Ass....! ProEra4Eva!
  • kidhayes#proEra
  • kingrebel735fuck taskforce
  • waxbhoyzDamn some straight up lil b dickriders commentin on this !
  • browns0nDamn.... So many Stans on instagram. Shit was entertaining the first few times, but damn... Ya'll really care about Lil B that badly that you'd forgo your own life, to make comments all over the place.. smh, I don't give a Fuck "how many bitches Lil B gets or can get" fact of the matter is he ain't even on Joey's level. Yes, dude is clever and has started a wave of positive messages, but when push comes to shove, he's garbage.
  • herbal__jesus420fukkk a taskforce bitch iss PE or go home nigga!! #PROERA boysss bout to make and intervention!!
  • eidola__Pants saggin. Not cool
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