Insomniac is calling our headliners into action!! Lets come together! πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ‘Š
  • pasqualerotellaInsomniac is calling our headliners into action!! Lets come together! πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ‘Š

  • j0nathan_r0gersLink to the article?
  • ohdearjazzyInsomniac events do not promote drug use at all. Drug use is promoted outside the walls of any event or festival. Go to Ultra or even Lollapolooza and you'll see that people use them. It's a personal choice, and bashing one company isn't going to stop everyone from using drugs. Yeah I admit that in the EDM culture it plays a bigger part, but personally, I go to these events for the music and to be a part of a few hours of world peace for the people sharing the same experience.
  • aureliagroupNotice article didn't mention Live Nation produced Identity Fest deaths and arrests in Massachusetts last summer. That's what happens when non electronic music promoters get greedy and try to reap our community
  • kebsrhizTruth!
  • djnogenreJust wrote to them! Honestly that article should be removed and a apoligy should be writtin! Read a lot of peoples outlook on the article on the "Times" website and everyone is saying the article is wrong. Everyone is behind you. They are just stereotypical idiots who need something to write about.
  • tommiesunshineevery person who loves this music & loves these parties better start getting off their asses & start speaking up about this because the government wants to stop the party. are you willing to let that happen? if not, I suggest you start speaking up.
  • chrstinanic0leDone! (:
  • kobidanannLove of art and music will win !!
  • ohhmygeegI'm on it! Well said. The LATimes article is a JAB and disrespect on all your hard work, efforts, and the people/fans that come out to enjoy the MUSIC while also obeying the law. I will be writing my own piece and sending the link to all of them. Thanks for sharing.
  • upgradetron@thecalife lol
  • cindylou033Lol
  • hydrationhero#eventwatersolutions. #groundcontrol.
  • rootedvibrations@edmlifestyle @ilovesickdrops @edm_maniac @edm_party_people @edmvibes if you havent already, check this out and let's voice our opinions!!
  • whywerave@pasqualerotella please take a look at our IG account @whywerave its a collection of messages and stories from insomniac headliners. You have changed each and every one of our lives! #inspiretoaspire
  • matt_wesney@adambrotman this......<
  • zjk1✌ πŸ’™ πŸ™Œ πŸ‘Š
  • dfo114Yes!!!! #edmforever #plur #love #whywerave @whywerave β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
  • corey_rulonFuck the LA Times!!! Keep it going!
  • traumaqueen_90Honestly it's not fair to point the finger at insomniac like they did...people make their own choices in life, not everyone goes to these events to get wasted off their face on drugs. A few do; its sad but their poor choices shouldn't reflect on insomniac. Keep on keepin on good sir😎
  • soundofthedrumsFuck la politics
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