Me my Boi @genegamble and beautiful ladies @LMillaaa34 @elisechantelle
  • ryanlochteMe my Boi @genegamble and beautiful ladies @LMillaaa34 @elisechantelle

  • carolinemcdougalI have ur goggles that u gave me when u came to my swim team clinic
  • plant_mumHey Ryan you don't know me but I'm a swimmer and if you could give my any tips about any stroke that would be amazing!!!
  • milkydabvoyOmg Ryan looks kinda like clay @maggietommo5
  • garlic__sauceGet it little!! @lmillaaa34
  • hallethibodeauxYou look like @jmanziel2
  • lsweeney94@ryanlochte you're sexy AF
  • theladylaineThe one on the right is soooo pretty! The other...well...her earrings are nice!
  • karenwithlove_The beanie is a good look. 
  • kiki_bo_bikiGet it
  • tylormathieu@debisuarez that's a hat
  • debilynn3@tylormathieu oh... Lol!
  • qweendtIs that Flava Flav on the right?
  • nat_prodroLEAH MILLER!!! U LOOK BEAUTIFUL <3 @lmillaaa34
  • jack_the_manager__Hey ryan
  • agata_xoxPLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow the best fanpage EVER @_ryan_lochte_ the owner is the your BIGGEST fan EVER! I'm serious she loves you soooooooooooooooooo much!!!! When you pen her locker, all you see is pictures of you, I'm serious!!!!!!! She would literally DIE if you followed her fanpage or her personal @brigettgiantonio !!!!!!!! She loves you SO much and has always been a huge fan since the beginning!!!!!!! Please please please follow either of her pages and we'll love you FOREVER!!!!! You even one wished her a happy birthday through twitter!!!!!!!! Thankss!!!!!!! :) <3 xx @ryanlochte @ryanlochte @ryanlochte
  • katchenekonehey @ryanlochte wouldn't mind if you followed me on insta 😏😏💋💋 stay sexi
  • theluketurnerCool!
  • selmacasagrande😡🇧🇷😡🇧🇷😡🇧🇷😡
  • allebostonDear Ryan Lochte, independent of you being robbed or not, it's clear that it did not happened at the gas station! The right thing to do would be for you to apologise to the workers that had to put up with 4 drunk guys acting like idiots in the middle of their underpaid night shift, to the cariocas because they have enough robberies to worry about and finally to all Brazilians that felt embarrassed and sad by the news of You being held at gun point. I hope you will remember this for the rest of you life and NEVER lie again 😜 ridiculous 😜 Nice away to represent USA 😜
  • pearlitica11🏅💕🏅💕🏅💕🏅💕🏅
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