How amazing is @questlove ... Answer is pretty f*#^ing amazing
  • chefazHow amazing is @questlove ... Answer is pretty f*#^ing amazing

  • joeyshumateI've never heard of him and I know people so he must not be to amazing
  • drewchasonHe's a bad moth#%fucker
  • uglycassanovaBrought to you by 720 productions.
  • elanyamAwesome!
  • mjbuck@joeyshumate he's the drummer for The Roots. They're great and also serve as @jimmyfallon house band. You may know people, but you need to get out more.
  • joeyshumate@mjbuck it's called me being "sarcastic" I know who he is maybe you need to get out more bud ;)
  • jamiepnwlove@joeyshumate I hope you realize that people can't hear the sarcasm in your text because you weren't clear about it being a joke. Instead it sounded very arrogant and hateful even though you didn't mean for it too. So don't hate on @mjbuck for trying to tell you who he is. His snarky comment about getting out more was probably directed towards what he thought was an asshole trying to say that quest love sucks even though he's never heard them. So check your ego before you say something like that again and make sure to communicate jokes clearly.
  • chefjoey99Wow
  • joeyshumateWow. The arrogance was the sarcasm sweetheart maybe you should go look up the definition of sarcasm before pointing your heart out and when does my ego come into play when I was explaining to him I know who they are that I was being sarcastic just chill out god damn it's instagram @jamie_diana
  • joeyshumatePouring* @jamie_diana
  • sbruner17Natural
  • richlee_xPeople are hilarious, why interact with other comments when it starts quarrels on some ones photo... I wish my photos were that popular!!lol
  • richlee_xCorrection: someone elses photos
  • jamiepnwlove@joeyshumate i know what it means and the sarcasm was lost on me. I'm not the only one who thought your comment meant exactly what it said. Why else would @mjbuck be telling you who he is and what band he is a member of? I'm not trying to be nasty to you at all, just saying that not everyone caught the sarcasm. Also, someone who was dead serious and said "I've never heard of him and I know people so he must not be too amazing", it would be an extremely egotistical statement.
  • sexymoonYou're all idiots
  • ronnie.clineCan't wait for the Elvis Costello/The Roots album that's coming out this year!
  • wallypipes@jamie_diana when someone tells you a joke do you ask them for clarification first before you laugh?
  • pizzarina_sbarroQuest Love is the best, does Philly proud!
  • joeyshumate@jamie_diana I love you it's okay I forgive you
  • joeyshumate@rolandbarrybrinkman thank you!
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