My daughter n coach Call him Jim
  • cullyinthehouseMy daughter n coach Call him Jim

  • fashionkillafI have no respect for you! You have a daughter, be a role model....teach her about love and respect! Unlike that homophobic shit you say! What a shame....
  • vc4u2nvO
  • vc4u2nvOMG......get over it! @princejayf
  • fashionkillafNo one was talking to you @vc4u2nv lol bye!
  • vc4u2nvIdgaf whether u were or not...I'm talking to u!!
  • t_lozano374@cullyinthehouse what an awesome pic! Blessings to u and your beautiful baby!
  • keeprolliinnnn@usoace are u stupid. He took us to the superbowl. We almost won. Fake ass fan
  • red_goldAnti-gay committee!
  • red_goldNo fags in the locker room! Ha ha love it!
  • red_gold@princejayf faggot! "HIV positive ass nigga" lol
  • fashionkillafYour mom shops at SAKS! @red_gold
  • vngelreyes@red_gold I love how a pussy ass homophobic bitch like you has to spread their message of hate through Instagram. Grow the fuck up, god preaches love you dumb bitch. Your not a true Christian or catholic, your a bully and the real reason society is fucked up nowadays. Worry about yourself, and if you have that much of a problem with gay people, you must be gay yourself and hate who you are. I feel sorry for you.
  • theeflawlessoneSmh to every ignorant, dumbass person on here. Get a life. Talking shit on Instagram, calling people faggots? Wow mature of you. Especially when your bio says follow God. I'm done. @princejayf I got your back. When all the niggas finally come out they gonna be wishing they could get with us. Hahaha
  • fashionkillafLOL GOOD ONE! @illestangelrey and I like how that bitch @vc4u2nv didn't tag me a second time! Lol
  • red_gold@illestangelrey fuck you faggot! You don't have to be Christian or a catholic to know that a penis is made to insert in a vagina not an asshole, I HATE you faggots with a passion! Gay people don't spread love they spread STD's don't kid yourself... We all know about those HIV needles gay people have been putting on the gas handles at the gas pumps, (killed more than 20 people in the east coast) I'd snap your fucking neck, I'm not homophobic I'm just concerned for the people that are blind to your sickness... Weirdo!
  • vc4u2nvLmao.....I'm pathetic u two pricks are talking about something that was commented on a week ago. "OMG......GET OVER IT!"
  • red_gold@vc4u2nv there just bitter homo's lmao... Weirdo's
  • red_gold@princejayf @illestangelrey you guys gonna tag team? Lmao
  • myles_allenWhere do I get tht sweatshirt?!
  • tojo_808@cullyinthehouse gotta love Harbaughs faces right.
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