For @nicole's birthday - a champagne challenge! W/@kevinrose @daryapino @ckanand @jkw Hope everyone's having an awesome Saturday!
  • kevinFor @nicole's birthday - a champagne challenge! W/@kevinrose @daryapino @ckanand @jkw Hope everyone's having an awesome Saturday!

  • lgbtdisabledqnevadaHappy way belated B day @nicole and congrats @kevin you are both great ♡
  • m.elmehairiيا حافظ عليك
  • foreveryours773Aww
  • maagstaaaThat is funny :)
  • rajparam27Great
  • yeslivcanYou would have the best pics on Instagram lol...good shyt Kev;)
  • ticia22Geometric!😘👏👏
  • ___pe___〰〰〰👀
  • yanire_b_I saw that you are the founder of Instagram , sorry to ask you something , but I have a problem and I don't know how to resolved , I am here in Instagram almost about 2 years and I can't understand why I can't see any more the likes from the people that I follow , you know it's frustrated because I follow almost 450 IG and I also see the likes from 15 IG , well I don't know if I made a mistAke , I only use iPhone , I installed the application so many times but it does not work , could you tell me an address ( technique service ) to complain about it , for me it's important , thanks if you can tell me something about this 🙏🙏🙏
  • claudia_lol10124It's gust glass with letters
  • yanire_b_@kileygresser i don't want to have 100000 followers the most of them fictive , well what I means it that it's not the point , it's only that when I decides to follow someone I can't see their likes .. I think that I know why , and what I decides to like ... I like the images that I want to like , that's all and even if we are influenced for differents raisons I try not to be but it's difficult if we want to survive , there are a lot of people cheating but I don't care if they feel better or more important because they have more followers but fine , good to them , thanks for stopping by to tell me your opinion :)
  • kileygresser@sarapower oh I'm sorry! I guess I misunderstood😊 I think I get what your saying now!
  • yanire_b_@kileygresser dont worry never mind , but like you said how do you explain that someone can have 100000 followers and 2 likes? And how do you explain that people can have so many followers that never like your images ? Well it's the mystery of Instagram , I think that when we like very much we can have followers , that encourages people to continue after there are so many parametres , if you like coffe , children and you do good photos i think you can get more followers , it's like that , what it's good it's that you can learn and you can meet interesting people , and if you like all of the instameed well all of the "rendez-vous " to meet a lot of people to take photos altogether well but you will have more followers , all it's up to you !:)
  • kileygresserohhh i totally get what your saying, and your so right! Thank you! @sarapower
  • fafa_noruziبينهايت هنرمندانه، كلرهاتون قابل ستايشه مرقق باشين👌😍😘
  • prissila.cuellarIt looks like a fancy beer pong
  • abady_12_انت من ايران ولا الخليج؟؟؟؟ @fafa_noruzi
  • i.brinaYES!
  • i.brinaCan I please have the name @Sabrina, it is not being used.
  • i.brinaHi
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