Morning glam #shimmer
  • kimkardashianMorning glam #shimmer

  • pachorocketLinda!!!!!
  • albinad8@kimkardashian. Very beautiful
  • neriah_booOne eye, why? Lol
  • concettafeliciaaaStunning
  • fabianagonsalez@je_lara
  • makiyaj_beautyj.lo.looks like ure eyes
  • raevon17Cakey
  • leenacambusWhat's with you posting pics with one eye.. Are you trying to say something Kim!!
  • jesparbierePlease kimmy ! Come back to brazil ! I love u so muchhh ! Pliiss look my IG because I very similar to you
  • princess_emereoleShe's saying Illuminati @leenacambus
  • salisabarbosa@monicacsantos essa make
  • krystaltropane@kimkardashian you will never look as good as this ever again 😞shame
  • avial_@nyalajahkisa
  • melveaseyIts night time dimwit
  • lmaowasgoodmileygorgeoussssssss
  • torres_ivanaHey Kim!! Exited to say this!! My name is Ivana, I have 12 years old and i live in Puerto Rico!!! I just wanna say that i just love you!!!! You are very special to me!! I know that you don't know me, but i know you. I'm just dying to have an autograph with and have a picture and meet your sisters and all that! I just wake up everyday exited to see new posts and all that in Instagram and in others places!! I'm very proud of you, know that you're pregnant...( oh god, i just wanna cry) Every Single Day i always take my computer and start seeing Keeping Up With The Kardashians but the old ones especially thr ones of 2010!! I love everything about you!!! You inspire me to do other things!!! I would dye if i found out that you put DASH in Puerto Rico!!! I would be like 24/7 in the store!! Remember when Kloe brought a homeless to your mom's house?? 😂😂😂I just wanted to cryy!!!!! Either way just wanted to say I love you!! And never give up!!💕😍. ... Your Fans!! ATT. Ivana💁
  • torres_ivana@kimkardashian
  • torres_ivanaPlease just read what i said@kimkardashian
  • champagne.alyssa@torres_ivana kourtney & khloe actually did that 😂😂😂
  • saraecristianeAdorei os cílios
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