Long Live Rock And Roll
  • foofightersLong Live Rock And Roll

  • jagged_offset_electricWatched it on release! Bloody awesome! Thanks Mr Grohl :D
  • rep300Dave, thanks so much for making this movie and telling this story. It's a fantastic trip.
  • markayneJust watched it and it's awesome! Well done Dave!
  • mobiusgreen@nikipelton
  • niki_peltonAwesome!!! Thx @mobiusgreen
  • rebelscum81@foofighters I just finished watching sound city. Feeling very inspired, it might have changed my world. Off to record! Thanks!
  • flightnurse@foofighters love love love it
  • taymarinho_@igorqueiroz_
  • walker_adeLove ❤
  • madcap_global_productionsWell done Dave for inspiring young musicians develop an understanding that music is made in a room / studio & that music development is a real craft.
  • rickyfurlaniInspiring!
  • andersthedudeGreat bluray/dvd, love it! Cool of you pickung up Rick Springfield and his guitar ;-)
  • rock_n_roll_redneck@foofighters bought the digital copy of sound city, but just watched on vh1 fucking incredible
  • strutterbutterLoved It. Fascinating and awesome from start to finish, not that I expected anything but. Dave truly is a rock god. And yeah! Rick Springfield was my teenage idol :) That aspect of it was too cool.
  • gosh_dingetI saw it and it was amazing
  • graphicjules@foofighters finally saw #soundcity THANK YOU!! A great service has been done.
  • georgiamaragozidis@foofighters Just saw the documentary its amazing! It was so inspiring for me, love it!
  • instadan057Haha awesome documentary got it on DVD @foofighters
  • olifieldhttp://instagram.com/p/vBrclfC2qb/
  • ninaroadThank you so much for "Sound city". It touched my heart, what a story, what a power, what an energy! I feel like I was there, I heard it, I smelt it, I touched it, like I was a part of this history. All these people, these walls, these buttons, instruments, wires... This movie has its energetics, it made me cry. It was made from the heart, definitely. Such things, you always feel it with your soul. _And now I see these empty rooms, the wind playing with dust, and I hear the echo of laugher, conversations, and I see the ghosts of music. The beautiful, real music. The music that sounds like people.
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