From my heart to yours! Such an Emotional roller coaster N So close to home .
  • iamjhudFrom my heart to yours! Such an Emotional roller coaster N So close to home .

  • dantepixAww you and @aliciakeys
  • tallgoodyLuv the luv!!
  • pjack1987Cute!!
  • calliedivaAww hey @aliciakeys
  • diegozvdNotícias me
  • sammiesam1216Hey j hud, I know u better remember me this Kimberly riggs cousin, just wanted to tell u we love u n are so happy for you @jhuddiva1
  • dxvionnnWOW!
  • lithium_mjwBeautiful.. Stay blessed.. Lovely
  • kuraaaaaaI love this lady so much @jhuddiva1
  • activistfreakWe are cheering you on. I know you're gonna put your heart into it. Love u much.
  • misskris_jYou're gonna do great! Can't wait!
  • shannon_swansonHi Jennifer! Today you met my cousin Shea from the Sandy Hook choir and 25 of her friends at rehearsals. I just wanted to thank you so much. She's been having a rough time these past couple months, and it's moments like these where she can just have fun and be a kid. Thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with them. She was able to have fun with her friends and forget about this, even for a little while. Thank you so much, you're truly an inspiration and a great role model. <3
  • luckydee19I had no idea you were performing. I guess I missed the announcement.
  • maliagarcia@jhuddiva1 you'll be best performer tonight cause u do it truly from the heart ... Unlike other artise
  • parkerjones1@jhuddiva1 looking snatched and fabbbbulous hunni!
  • travelingwithkimYou are such a blessing!
  • rebeccacrosby4Look you guys are having fun!
  • itsme_triceYou did great!!!!!
  • zakiyyahw_Hey I get that I look like you all the time. If that's the case we are beautiful!!!! @iamjhud
  • bittersweetblueyour holding on to the keys of my heart @iamjhud@aliciakeys
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