Scary! LOL #E.S
  • ritaoraScary! LOL #E.S

  • chakbg7Tornado :-) XMEN
  • ornelaelezieI LOVE YOU
  • karinalidiaPhoto by the one and only Squiz Hamilton
  • graceoliver___Wtf nitemares tonite lol
  • burryblurrUgly bitch
  • shaniceesesay@ritaora naaa u look beautiful
  • unavidamividashe looks like a fish
  • chiqui615👆Lmao
  • sibc3💖
  • zephyxoxo@thetruestflower Looool before I looked at the comments I said the same thing ha
  • costiucristina
  • lamyaanmCyanosis much
  • avmcllHmm idk why she keeps doing things that make her look black. Seems like shed wnna make herself look less like rehanna instead of more. And im not hatin cuz i <3 rita ora. Maybe she just needs to rediscover her new self and stay true to it
  • avmcllAnd i am only saying this bcuz everyone keeps saying shes a rihanna wanna be or getting her confused for rihanna so seems as tho shed wnna separate herself from that and b original but whateva do u rita
  • avmcllShes not black shes albanian and we, other albanians/her ppl, are proud of her. Seems like shed wanna be proud of who she is and stay true to that instead of trying to make herself look like something shes not
  • myexpiredfaceOr maybe she loves the filter, stfu -___-
  • liriebaleciHey Bitches control your jealousy please, she isn't a wannabe anything, she got her own style ;)
  • yoonwhBeautiful
  • judyhighrollerShe-s not talented fohhhhh
  • lisbethdarlingLove this
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