Did #LilWayne Cut His Dreads? Rumor has it...
  • vibemagazineDid #LilWayne Cut His Dreads? Rumor has it...

  • sikiratHis hair is tied back & someone photoshopped the piece from the back that was showing :/
  • love_arie412Good call @sikirat
  • shrondareeves@vibemagazine the term "dreads" was created by slave masters who described "nappy knotted" hair in a negative light...... Anything "dreadful isn't good.... Instead cutting his hair he needs to work on loving himself, culture, and understanding what social responsibility is........
  • shrondareevesThey are called "locks"
  • wet4mclovinYes locks
  • shrondareeves@kamari_danae listen here bitch what I said was real its birds and ignorant blacks like you that are blind of shit that affects our community . Don't throw little bullets over the screen stay in your place
  • bougie_suzyWow. She went from telling unwanted but good information to being real ratchet lol Happy Black History Month everyone! Lol @shrondareeves @kamari_danae
  • shrondareevesI'm fair I have 5 brothers I love Hip-Hop but shit has gotten out of hand. Wayne is talented but he doesn't use his platform well like a lot of them. Pac was radical, wild , but spoke real shit! Demeaning your community with promoting "self hate" ( color struck lyrics because he hates himself , gang violence, and consistent disrespect of females ) is unacceptable! Anybody that agrees is an "uncle Tom, weak, uneducated, ignorant, small pea size brain muther....... And Happy Black History Month ! Even though our history is everyday!
  • marc711@ shrondareeves thanks sista. Speak the truth!!
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