1 Corinthians 9 vs. 26-27.
  • oscarpistorius1 Corinthians 9 vs. 26-27.

  • glamkiki146Love u oscar stay strong we together .love from Tanzania .
  • _paola_arHi Oscar! You are beautiful. Love u! Ti voglio bene.. I hope you don't forget me. Chiara's little blonde sister. @oscarpistorius
  • michaelaupmanYou are goegeous !
  • blzklvrI'm with Oscar! Hope for his return!! Stay strong legend!!! @oscarpistorius
  • jessie.jodiYou liar. Murderer. Rot in hell!!! God knows what you did.
  • _diegorl_Good tattoo
  • ceo41081You've got my reasonable doubt vote. I've not always lived in the us. I was born n spent the first years of my life in another country so I do see the world around me very differently than most other us citizens. I could never really comment on what you or your beautiful lady friend lived or went through. It's a world apart than anyone even has the right to comment on. Plus, ive died twice....clinically dead twice and theres only the end, only death. No lights no music....no life flashing before my eyes. So for anyone to damn you or damn yourself as if you will spend eternity in hades burning, it's just not like that. I have cried for you Oscar, a complete stranger yes....but people have also been very jealous and lied about me, taking advantage of a mistake I made or whatever the case. Then to see you stand there and TRULY mourn your actions and her death.....I CRIED. I truly believe you are an amazing person. My temper does not define me nor should it define you. My opinion is just that, my opinion. I do not condemn anyone....but as humans we all judge....and we all choose to do things we cannot go back n change. What you do with the rest of your life, Oscar, I am excited to see. I hope to see you smile again, to run again. I was a runner....cross country many years ago even after a severe accident nearly took my leg at 9 years old. You are and always will be an inspiration to me and I'm proud to be a fan.
  • joanne.critchley1982Stunning picture x
  • _kerriwright_❤️❤️❤️
  • trackpowersYou were my childhood hero. I remember watching your first Olympics and the chills I got. I do not believe such a strong and God fearing man would murder a woman he loves on Valentines Day. That's my belief and I hope with all my heart it's true... I do not want to lose a childhood hero. Sad I won't see you in this years Olympics
  • braydanandrewsOoww your cool
  • destination34_MURDERER! !!
  • kylie_thee_oneYes murderer NO- ONE feels sorry for u !!!!
  • kylie_thee_oneU murdered an innocent woman n u beat her up how dare u
  • wilkim1971@oscarpistorius I still dont understand how OP can do an interview & NOT talk in front of poor parents in court & i feel so so sad 4 poor INNOCENT BEAUTIFUL Reeva😔😔😔😔 oh u will get judgment day we all do and ur judgment day will NOT be good👎👎👎👎 #OscarPistorius #JusticeForReeva #OscarPistoriusGoesToPrison
  • roxygirl0803How dare you wilkim1971 leave him alone. He knows he's done wrong but to destroy another life is not the answer. The prosecution made so many lies and things that were just not proven. He has to live with his actions that's punishment enough. To go back to court for murder is just wrong and unfair.
  • so_high_liek_a_mfFucking poop...u have machines for legs lmao..u should just die....you're a fucking machine.not a human💩💩💩💩💩
  • acc.is.under.construction^ grow up and stop being pathetic
  • antonellalauretoBeautiful writing 👍
  • courtlangloisso you put god on your body like your someone who actually believes in god? lol your just a bonafide looser who uses his power to put fear in others
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