Usually dnt post these... But this is real
  • joeybadassUsually dnt post these... But this is real

  • rioadrixoI know this has nothing to do with this picture or anything but I saw you deleted your twitter and shit, your fans are here for you remember that you have so much ahead of you and you got this. I love you ❤
  • a_berkk49Joey man don't let these Lil B task force bitches get to your head, just ignore them and continue to make great music
  • wyattnocomplyitFUCK you bitch ass rapper. Joey bada$$ a hoe for blocking me on twitter. It's the TaskForce still at ya neck you punk ass hoe.
  • xqeezy@htimsttayw he Block you cause you a bitch ! Dude , Jump off my nigga Joey Dick
  • nexnblvckDont. Let. Bullshit. Get. To. You. Joey.
  • wyattnocomplyitYour name is @_youngswank you on dick.. Lmaooo
  • boy_sbmYo tim take a chill pill kid...u don't wanner see joey..cuz u will have to see to many ppl won't play with u...bitching about not getting holla at..fairy..
  • okayl1ndaWhy must people hate on my man joey? Gash. Just let him be. Lord. Hes just trying to bring real hiphop back. Yes. Maybe it was a little out of line (to the lil b fans) that joey dissed him. But thats all in the past. (Sike) lets just all stick to what we know.
  • wyattnocomplyit@_youngswank how he gay but he fucked your mom? Lmao clown
  • convertible_bo718@htimsttayw imma beat the shit outta u if I catch u that will be all
  • guesswhoacres🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
  • 4elevenphotography_Rp
  • m.h_604straight up
  • ygkeekee_Realll ass nigga @ogswank
  • positive__vibes__only_pleaseWord
  • andycantstop_Damn that shit hit deep! @ogswank
  • carla_way012That is so true
  • jessegonzalez760You write this or is what? That Shits too true! @ogswank
  • perryelbowNiggas talkin bout w2 wit fockin trampolines and golden retrievers in the backyard
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