1. Fork {breakfast out with a friend this morning} #fmsphotoaday
  • fatmumslim1. Fork {breakfast out with a friend this morning} #fmsphotoaday

  • lourveloveBonjour à Paris! I'm here to start the day with the challenge! Hehe
  • fatmumslim@witmoe nope. It's feb 1 in Australia.
  • fatmumslim@nikkilyka yes, sorry Nikki. We've had some wild weather here and bad Internet. So I couldn't finish Fab Four for January. :(
  • karpethisdiem@laureah21 hey now-- there are hundreds of others following FMS not saying a thing about it. Now, in regard to making generalizations... that, my friend, is ignorant.
  • lady_cadburyYeah, I'm from Bundaberg so my last couple of Jan pics were delayed, only just did them this afternoon
  • eddvalbuI'll post mine in a while! :D
  • jessieosz@lady_cadbury im in bundy too 😜
  • mphills05@jessieosz @lady_cadbury hope you both fared ok.. I'm an hour up the road from you, but were fine. So sad to see all the destruction, gonna be interesting to do our big shopping trips for awhile, long detour to get there..
  • laureah21@rockyjohns I'm sorry to upset you and I do realise there are lots of intelligent Americans. It just seems to be a re occurring question and I am not the only one to have picked up on it. I probably was too generalising in my statement and I apologise. I have been to America and met a great range of people. In regards to tolerance I am. I really couldn't care less about other people's intelligence. It's just a curious thing that the most powerful country in the world seems to be one if the least worldly.
  • anitainlosfelizThat looks delicious, @fatmumslim!!
  • fatmumslim@lady_cadbury how are you going? We were meant to go to Bundaberg for a week, next week, for a Tourism trip. I'm so devastated for you all.
  • jessieosz@fatmumslim I wouldn't come here for a trip any time soon. A lot of the town just looks disgusting covered in a layer of brown yuck, junk thrown out on the side of the road, no green grass. Beaches have junk washed up on them. North bundaberg is off limits to all other than residents at the moment who are just starting a massive clean up. Our bridges are all broken too. 😖 @mphills05 my house wasn't affected at all thankfully, I live on higher grounds and was lucky to not have the tornado come through my area.
  • crickle1969@laureah21 maybe it keeps coming up from newer followers that have not read enough of Chantell's stuff to know. I am a teacher in the US and your post was very hurtful. I wonder how many Americans you really know on a personal level. It's really hard to really know anyone or their culture from just posts in cyberspace. I'm just saying. And just a side note... When you say "I hope I don't offend anyone" and then add a but, it pretty much just means you know you are going to offend someone but are going to say it anyway.
  • laureah21@crickle1969 if you read my second post you would see I apologised for making a sweeping statement of course I realise not all Americans think like that. I actually have in laws that are American so am aware of the culture having travelled frequently. I have had some lovely conversations with them and some very odd surprising ones, that I don't want to get into, as I feel this topic has high jacked the thread enough. I was not the only one to make comment on it.
  • al.lici.aTotally just had quac :) gooood!!!!!
  • sara_t_kendalllaureah21.. I tell people to read the blog because I want people to know that she is an Aussie! I'm an Australian living in the US and I don't think people realize it's an Aussie blog when they share it. You weren't being that mean:) American's are great.. my hubs is one:)
  • sara_t_kendallAnd I agree jacked enough! :)
  • joanne45Yum!
  • lady_cadbury@fatmumslim @mphills05 yeah, my place is high & dry but some family & many friends are not. Places we never thought would flood have now lost so much 😞 we're keeping our place & car available for family to stay & use while we're in Sydney (hubby got transferred for a week since the Bundy office is unoperational) & no doubt they'll be invited to stay for as long as needed once we get back.
  • lady_cadbury@jessieosz glad to hear you're ok too. Yes it is devastating & I hope it's a little less stinky when I get home 😝
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