On @theellenshow !! So much fun :)
  • sloanestephensOn @theellenshow !! So much fun :)

  • gerardfortowskiShoutout 4 a shoutout? @sloanestephens
  • ryhainDear Sloane, you are my inspiration. When im older i want to be a tennis player like you. You inspire me so much and i am your biggest fan. When you won against serena williams i was screaming and clapping for you. I was so happy! I think you deserved to win the australian open and i know if you enter next year that you will win! I love you and your are my role model. Love Sarah 💕
  • bella.pazzHaha watched that today!!
  • stvsijaYou're an amazing athlete Sloane. You'll get far in your tennis career. I wish you all the best ! Xxx @sloanestepshens
  • stvsija@sloanestephens *
  • natalie_petersonHi I love u and think you are amazing! And I wanna okay tennis when I am older! It would mean so much if u followed me back. But since you are famous it's okay if u don't. But u are really inspirational. Thanks(:
  • rossbourkeEllen is awesome just line you!!
  • rossbourkeLike
  • tayshaw____Love u sloane
  • aaaadubU were amazing at the Australian open! Keep it up Sloane! I'm rooting for you and American tennis needs you! :)
  • nellywinegarStay motivated!
  • official_lydiaxxOmg ur really good at tennis
  • larissaannGreat outfit! You look so stylish :)
  • sloanetubaro@sloanestephens my names Sloane to!!!
  • margaretbarstowThat color is GORGEOUS on you!
  • ddallas2013I meet @sloanestephens in San Diego at Barnes Tennis Center. She and her mom were the best. Go Sloane you are beautiful. !!! Moms too.
  • runningforlupus@sloanestephens Any chance of a photo please throwing up the #LHandSign to help raise awareness of LUPUS? Would be great if you joined the awareness campaign. More people need to know about lupus. It is actually more common than leukemia. More awarenes = more research.Thank you (LHandSign is an L made with the RIGHT hand, made with the whole hand not two fingered L)
  • craigmack10Good luck in Italy, fed cup
  • mshienieLove this show
  • sportfreak913Fake
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