• whimsyandspiceHi.

  • shaykaystoneGood to know. I was considering a digital perm in the hopes of some waviness on my locks but then I remembered when I got a perm in middle school. Asian hair + perms = 
  • mikandesuHi there
  • bonnietsangHi, hottie.
  • whimsyandspice@shaykaystone We've all had perms, it's ok. what's a digital perm?
  • shaykaystoneIt's a perm that uses a heat activated conditioner and heated rods. Unlike a traditional perm the waves are reactivated through heat (blow drying) and not by water. It's also supposed to create more natural looking waves but I am skeptical.
  • whimsyandspice@shaykaystone wow. What will they think of next?
  • shaykaystoneI don't know but I do know that I will research the hell out of it and then be too chicken to try it. Ha!
  • lisasolomonhi gorgeous !
  • katieskitchenblog@whimsyandspice I lost my mum when I was seven so I hang on to every photo. It's a reminder of who she was, the parts of her I didn't know and the part of me that is her.
  • uncommongrace@katieskitchenblog That is incredibly poignant. What an important reminder.
  • loveofbrooklynso pretty! that lip color looks awesome on you.
  • sarabeejensenHey.....(said in a creepy voice)
  • whimsyandspice@sarabeejensen is this your bjork voice? Or you man voice
  • catk8@shaykaystone digital perms are pretty legit. I've gotten it done a couple of times and it looked great... Or a cheaper alternative is to put your hair in a bun when it's slightly wet in the morning and let it dry, take it out at the end of the day and wham insta beach waves! Ps @whimsyandspice, totally digging the red lips💋
  • shilobyrdRing a ding ding!
  • uyen_duc@shaykaystone I got a digital perm a few years back. Way better than a regular perm. Volume without frizz or tight curls. There's a picture of me when the perm was relatively fresh (it's the one with Zadie Smith). The only thing I didn't like about it was it really dried out my hair. Lemme know if you have any questions.
  • dozidesignPretty! :)
  • cherokeelulagorgeous mama xx
  • sabi0669😀 hello !
  • zetbabuit is u?美人
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