My boy and I...:)
  • oscarpistoriusMy boy and I...:)

  • ann_emily@jadedgal05 applause!
  • jadedgal05@lindahf1 Me too. I have a theory about can hide who you are, REALLY ARE, some of the time, but not all the time. Whatever your "essence" is, bad OR good, it'll show through.....example, if you're a celebrity AND an asshole that beats his wife? WELL, u might be able to hide the abusive asshole side for a bit. If your in the spotlight quite a bit, as is Oscar, this becomes more difficult. The real you, the bad menacing part, it starts to peek through, flashes here & there. Eventually a lot shows, people connect the dots & stories run, before you know it, the person in question is splashed across the tabloids. A trail is started, pieces slide into place, whispers that went unheard before make there way into the forefront. There has never been any of this with Oscar. He's always been a happy determined person & not much out of the ordinary making its way to the news reels until now. Friends says his relationship with Reeva was happy, their families the same. There was NOTHING, no warning signs, red flags that hinted at abuse or malicious undercurrents. What we have is people that love to run their mouths, delighting in the downfall of someone who rose so high above after so much hardship in their lives. Like Oscar. Better for these idiots to vilify Oscar than try to find the truth. Better to make Reeva the poster face for abused women everywhere w/ Oscar the evil abuser. Details? What details? No. I don't think so. Leave the man in peace, let him have his day in court. The truth will be found, regardless of what the dumbasses on twitter, FB & tumblr say. It was a terrible tragedy for 2 families. I wish people would hold off on the speculation until the trial, when you know, EVIDENCE is presented. For my part, I DON'T THINK Oscar planned to kill her, it was just a horrible accident. I may be wrong but until the facts of the case come out, I won't know anymore than that idiot @sumdumfooka <--absolute RETARD btw <----total WASTE of OXYGEN.
  • pussinpjsi should have put not found guilty of murder as it looks like i qant him to be. i put an extra not in my statement. people can turn against you when you are in trouble. people already have made their minds up but i will try and keep the faith
  • pussinpjsbbc three are doing a programme next monday. abc did one and says it puts doubt on oscar's version. we haven't had the trial yet. how will it be a fair one? with the media speculating so much
  • tahmeenaalam@jadedgal05 👏 amen to that.
  • j_pferreiraMarginal safado..
  • brazilianbrunaWe miss you, Oscar 💕
  • ayyaz_ebrahimHot, Oscar
  • abby_f_newman_yayaHaha why u haven't a lower leg....? Why is that...? Bro😜😜
  • gavin_kirst@caiti_311 look at they arms...amazing cuddles from him as well
  • gray6405@oscarpistorius cool pic.
  • michaelaupmanMy favourite ♡
  • cobym13If beautiful was a photo this would be it 😘
  • ulrikeschuettCool pic.
  • taioaloI'm surprised @oscarpistorius didn't kill and eat that dog too😖South African court is a lame joke ! 👎👎
  • cr7chica
  • bigbootyj7777@jessicajodi do not talk about Oscar like that he is innocent!
  • christinatjieLet him proof his innocence by taking a Poligraph test with an independent firm
  • sallyann_beeCunt💩💩💩
  • jyezaaHairy legs @murfstagram_
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