Hot damn @thevanillaworkshop
  • theradavistHot damn @thevanillaworkshop

  • _____________abbasHey, is that integrated?
  • teamsuperawesomeTSA?
  • theradavist@tsuperawesome they should do a TSA unicorn version.
  • alexvoisineIs it a joke ? It seems to be the less integrated stem I have ever seen !
  • theradavist@alexvoisine cable routing, bro.
  • theradavist@alexvoisine more (better) photos on
  • mywynneLizard skins tape? Never seen that kind before, looks wicked!
  • alexvoisineOk I understand the concept but they didn't push enough the idea and the ugly spacers don't help to promote it! Anyway thank you for your passion !
  • theradavist@alexvoisine "ugly spacers" form < function my friend. Not cutting a $500 fork for a stem that has less stack than a traditional setup.
  • theradavist@mywynne 3.2mm it's the jam!!
  • mywynne@johnprolly how did I never see that in the catalogue at work?! Next time I need to wrap bars...
  • theradavist@mywynne new for 2013
  • mywynne@johnprolly it's the little things that make me want a new bike... As much for the build and selection as anything else.
  • alexvoisine@johnprolly Yes, one of my bike has got spacers above the stem. It's just the very big difference of diameters which kills my eyes. That's why I'm surprised from such a company. Purists like Vanilla can't do that ! ;)
  • theradavist@alexvoisine this isn't a Vanilla, it's my Geekhouse. If your eyes hurt from that, you need to ride more and spend less time on the Internet obsessing over details that have no affect on the ride.
  • theradavist"hurt my eyes" lol
  • alexvoisine@johnprolly Keep cool John ! I'm a bicycle designer. It's my job ! I share this pix with some other guys and they had the same reaction ! Yes it hurts my eyes a lot.
  • alexvoisine@johnprolly I respect you a lot. I think we can bring good things in this kind of debate. The main idea is great, I try to work in the same way but this detail doesn't serve my idea of integration. And don't worry I ride a lot ! 😉
  • vulpineccSPACERGEDDEON
  • vulpineccWith an extra E it's so Geddon!
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