Spaceship or winemaking device? The egg. #uwgs @theunified
  • sfwineblogSpaceship or winemaking device? The egg. #uwgs @theunified

  • runswithcorkscrewLooks like it holds 9L worth...biodynamic case production for home?
  • j.r_79I need one of those.
  • mrtaylormooreInteresting..more info??
  • evanlewskiSonoma cast stone? Ridic expensive those eggs...
  • mikehoe@sfwineblog so that's a scaled model?
  • sfwineblogIndeed - scale model of concrete egg fermenter. I think the box is as interesting as the model.
  • bootjack@evanlewski Ridic expensive and as far from "natural" as possible.
  • evanlewskiBut @bootjack , you can stain them to match the Laotian marble in your tasting salon bathrooms!!!
  • bkwinesMy full scale tank arrives tomorrow !!
  • seanisbadFun to work with. Haters want to hate, lovers want to love.
  • bootjackMY bathrooms are lined with Rhino horn tile and shark fin toilet seats. I'm still on the wait list for Sonoma Cast 'me in the fires of hell' Stone to capitalize on that stylish glaze.
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