Will this help ward off altitude sickness?
  • thepioneerwomanWill this help ward off altitude sickness?

  • inlandmamaThat depends, is boozy? The best way to fight off altitude sickness is to sleep through it.
  • inlandmamaOops! *is it boozy?
  • tvjunkyHydrate and rest.
  • kalegriajonesAlways works for me!
  • jimb65536That wards off "attitude sickness" way before altitude sickness!
  • hilarydehaan@jimb65536 Bahahahahaha!!!
  • libedonRee. I made The Bread tonight. My husband will not stop talking about it! Thanks for a simple and easy alternative to that crappy store bought garlic bread.
  • pamela_newberrySo you are in Colorado?
  • saralynnwinLol @jimb65536
  • kidiakat_finaPioneer women ate full of awesomeness! Don't know you or how I found you. But your name alone grabbed my heart♥♥♥♥
  • bednarluckYes
  • dreaminndetailsYES!! I never fly without a Bloody Mary...or three ,)
  • jasminemayberryphotographyReal altitude sickness? No. Fear of heights? Yes.
  • winniesbakerySeems like a good way to go about it @thepioneerwoman
  • darylsacksAbsolutely
  • priyaeliasOh Yesh!
  • dishinanddishesGo to an oxygen bar!
  • libedon@mothercase it's so simple, but so sinful. It's a pioneer woman recipe that's online - just two ingredients, bread and butter. A big French loaf cut in half. A stick of butter per side (oh yes). Throw it in the oven for 10 minutes then kick on the broiler for maybe 3 more - crunchy, buttery perfection. I added a little garlic and Italian seasoning too. The magic really happens when you turn on the broiler - when it gets just past brown and the butter starts to turn a little black, that's the sweet spot. So good!
  • mamabeck56That looks good
  • cindy_land_05Bloody Mary's are my very fave.
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