Just after his #WildNOut rehearsal! @MacMiller!
  • mtv2Just after his #WildNOut rehearsal! @MacMiller!

  • katlinnicol👍
  • eyalmatatovDope !!!
  • trentwhitmire@larryfisherman
  • rawnsizzleStoners unite.
  • angelo_domingoMacmiller sucks at rapping he has no talent.
  • ezy_marie420Wack ugly ass miller who can't rap n grew up a lil spoiled rich boy that's the thing bout pittsburgh everybody knows each other ... back to the suburbs lil boy
  • angelo_domingoNo u stfu swagfag @ryan_mecias
  • angelo_domingoOh I'm sorry did I hurt ur feelings swagfag? And I listen to rappers who actually have talent and talk bout their lives and the shit they've been through unlike gay ass Mac miller who just talks about money pussy and smoking weed but that's all fucking idiots like you swagfag like to listen to all day. @ryan_mecias
  • angelo_domingoI listen to original rappers like ice cube, dr dre, eminem, easy e, NWA, 2 PAC,and BIG and wow you get so defensive all I said was Mac miller sucks dick and ain't worth nothin in the rapping business and you flip out like your on your fucking period hahaha that's pretty funny. @ryan_mecias
  • angelo_domingoYa that your a faggot ass swagfag and don't know shit bout real music you fucking dick sucking cumuching dipshit! @ryan_mecias
  • angelo_domingoCuz your a faggot and ya of course your done cuz you got nothing else to say you cant think of a way to come back cuz your fucking idiot don't fucking start something you cant fucking finish bitch. @ryan_mecias
  • angelo_domingoOh my god I'm so offended. And by the way you fucking dipshit retard if you didn't get the fucking memo they quit making them now go to your kitchen grab a bowl and pour some milk and have a bowl of dicks you fucking swagfag. @ryan_mecias
  • angelo_domingoOk then let me guess you are a stupid fucking white kid who thinks he's the shit because he dates the pretty girls and acts like he will fuck up anyone who fucks with him well you not you are a stupid fucking idiot who probably doesn't have good grades don't know shit and will flunk and drop out of high school because you thought you were mr fucking badass and I know because there are kids at my school exactly like you and your are just as fucking retarded and stupid as they are. @ryan_mecias
  • angelo_domingoAnd by the way bitch I got my fucking green card just letting you know and if you want to fucking clarify call boarder patrol since you want to be a little racist fuck. @ryan_mecias
  • cruzxctrlWhy so serious?
  • zturner042Mac miller is a great rapper and I love hearing his music he gives hope that someone can come up in this world keep doing what u do Mac ur flow is the shit
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