Enzo and I chilling in the kitchen after training.. Looks like his day was more tiring than mine.. Haha
  • oscarpistoriusEnzo and I chilling in the kitchen after training.. Looks like his day was more tiring than mine.. Haha

  • sumdum_fookaYou gonna get some yummy prison dic tonight. Enjoy it you stumpy ass kangaroo cyborg fuck.
  • deshaan_vincentCouldn't of said it any better!! @sumdum_fooka
  • pussinpjslol happy days in this photo and i believe your versions of events
  • thisismichgonzalves@sumdum_fooka you have some serious issues... I swear you went to call him names on every single picture he has. Idiot... Grow up and get real! God is with this man all the way ❤ so are his fans! He will get through this
  • claudiyauk@thisismichgonzalves amen! I couldn't have said it better myself. Even Reeva's family just want the truth and have refrained from casting judgement on this poor man, what can't sumdum_fooka back off??
  • gilchristabbyWe love you Oscar!!! Thinking and praying for you xxx
  • agg18I love you #pray
  • pussinpjsi agree with what you said @thisismichgonzalves i hope to see him run one day
  • joinrudolfLa le chien ne ressemble pas au maître
  • gray6405Cool pic @oscarpistorius
  • anna65956👍❤️
  • michaelaupmanHope you read this . I lovw to u
  • blakemcafricaI really do feel sorry for the man :/ some of u guys not from South Africa don't realize the amount of crime happening there and how dangerous of a place it can be! Expecially with legs... I would have done the same thing
  • mrsm1878Well said @blake_mcf - I am from the UK! I feel for him AND Reeva! Tragedy and nobody can say what they would do under his circumstances! Should he go to jail for it? I dont believe he should. I believe the emotional torment and his guilt will be with him for the rest of his life and that is enough punishment in its self. Lets hope the judge takes the same view! #RIPReeva #IsupportOscar
  • blakemcafricaYes @amanda1878efc I know where people are coming from when they say he is guilty but he had no reason to kill this beutiful women and I really don't believe it was done intentially, South Africa has became corrupt and that's why I've left for America, my dad would have done the same if he had no legs and was one of the biggest stars in the continent of Africa
  • positive_mindset_culturehero
  • cr7chicaBeautiful❤
  • joanne.critchley1982Great pic x one of my fav's x
  • _kerriwright_Great photo. 😊❤️
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