Congrats to @joshharmony on his @transworldskate cover with some artwork I made for it. #toymachine #domination
  • ed.templetonCongrats to @joshharmony on his @transworldskate cover with some artwork I made for it. #toymachine #domination

  • seventeensips@blunts you are a dirtfarmer. Grade A nimrod.
  • snacks_75#iloveinstawars
  • lanebruhhFuck you @blunts your unoriginal you cocksucking ass wipe. if you dont skate then why you gonna talk about it.
  • adam_dot@wanickbill finally someone who gets @blunts ! You just hve to check his profile to know he is a prankster !
  • adam_dot@teehad nailed it brah !
  • adam_dotHe is laughing at all you haters spewing venom and racing to Eds defence , so funny haven't stopped laughing all night GOLD.
  • wanickbill@adam_dot I'm impressed that it worked so well. I wouldn't say he meant it to work so well though...haha
  • teehad@adam_dot lol they're a couple sandwiches short of a picnic if they take that dead serious. I live in northern Canada, it's pretty redneck here. In my 15 years of skating i can remember only one time back in highschool where some one called my trucks chassis. The biggest tobacco chewin hicks knew trucks were called trucks. There's no way anyone would know about toy machine, smoke weed, play tony hawks and still describe a skateboard like that.. People are just pumped on the opportunity to be Ed's knight in shining armor. hahaha temps the man, he needs no savior. These cyber bullying chumps can "jump off a building"
  • adam_dot@teehad yes brother ,for me it smacked of a script , so did some digging found out @blunts is an ex -sk8r works as a bike courier in SF (not a job for pussies or knobs or fucktards) and he has a sense of humour !
  • adam_dotSorry for Spamming @tempster_returns we will fuck off now with a sense of self satisfaction ,thanks for a great post
  • curtiscleveland@teehad yes I do, the one and only
  • teehadHahaha @curtiscleveland that's awesome I used to skate with him in the late 90's. you from macktown?
  • curtiscleveland@teehad no, I went to art college with Keegan and we made a feature film together
  • teehad@curtiscleveland oh sick, yeah I'm from the same neck if the woods. I didn't know he made it all the way to transworld. That's awesome, him and his brother like we're destined for greatness. They made small population 5000 town skate videos with vcr's and stuff back when fulfill the dream was being released. They moved to calg and kept moving on up, I'm not surprised he's art directing tws but that is a huge accomplishment I didn't see coming. Wow congrats to a norbeece boy. Keeg if u see this, props homie. Keep it larty lol
  • blunts@adam_dot you either are really good at the internet or are really good at #stalking to figure all of that out about me, especially seeing as how I have no facebook or anything like that except for instagram, you remind me of #inspectorgadget #gogadgetgo #drclawsucks
  • adam_dot@blunts nah cuz , just an ex-pro-am skater who turned to bike courier work in the nineties I kinda guess we are "alike" in a few ways , I thought it was the funniest thing on IG since I first started this internetty thing 2 years back , peace , look forward to your posts Dirty Old Tramp
  • blunts@adam_dot yea I saw you leave a comment today on Andy white's page yesterday. I knew you had to be in the loop somehow. haha. and don't you worry there will be plenty of posts, clean young skank
  • blunts@adam_dot it's pretty comical how many people really took that one to heart. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, as I did when I saw how many people started to blow their top at my #ignorance
  • adam_dot#outstandingprank @blunts props bruz
  • aaronminardiHaha everyone got really mad really quick just because some dude acted like he was clueless as shit......
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