the best kind of pain. starting on my arm. #tattoo Go follow this guy, he is responsible for all of the art on my body. #bobbytinker #blackhandtattoo @blackh4ndtattoo
  • macideshanebookoutthe best kind of pain. starting on my arm. #tattoo Go follow this guy, he is responsible for all of the art on my body. #bobbytinker #blackhandtattoo @blackh4ndtattoo

  • veronicaop_hi
  • _jessiemaddenlol at the people fighting over something that hasnt got anything to do with the pic
  • meaghanshipley@murphy_cake its so sad that you feel so shitty about your pathetic life that u sit on here running your mouth to numerous people you dont even know to give yourself a sense of some sort of significanse. I feel bad for you. I hope one day you realize kindness is one of the many key to self satisfaction & happiness
  • meaghanshipley@murphy_cake ha. exactly. you're dismissed.
  • rachleduc@murphy_cake damn you sound miserable.
  • paigeelovexox@lindseynicolse hahaha right!! These people sound sound ridiculous. Why are you even taking so much time out of your day to tell someone your opinions, ESP when she's in the process of getting the tattoo in the picture. So clearly she could care less what any of you say. If she showed a picture of something and said hey think I should get this? Then yes I'd say she would probably care what your opinion is then but in this specific case she doesnt give 2 shits what you have to say. #negative #fucks #tattoolove
  • kelly_mcwilliamsIdk if I look up to you anymore!😭
  • jennyquaquaJust finished my forearm sleeve and I'm a mom too! 26 with a masters degree suck it haters lmao
  • _chelbaeLol at the negative people.. they're dumb as fuck. She's a good mom and she's pretty and a genuine person. Tattoos are beautiful. So shut the fuck up & sit down. Let her do her own thing.. k:)
  • xoxoicanonlybemexoxoLove u girl can u put a pic of a collage with all ur tattoos
  • alyyoop@macideshanebookout post a picture!!
  • mellybellyfelly@macideshanebookout please show us your tattoes 😉
  • nicolacummings87@macideshanebookout can we see your new tat please? xx
  • spicymama83SweeT
  • ginabeana88Just once, just once ,maybe you can post a photo and not have a bunch of haters?!
  • yulianna_2208@macideshanebookout dat in chatt?
  • acreekrocksIt's in red bank, tn. A suburb outside of Chattanooga. I live around these parts
  • jenny12290So I'm 23, have 8 tattoos. Both of my arms are going to be half sleeves if they are not already. I graduate from college in a year. I have one part time job, and have my internship where I'm already hired according to my boss. So I'll be an AODA counselor. Damn my tattoos really stopped me from getting a job and being successful. I'm so trashy. @macideshanebookout I love your tattoos, Bentley is beyond adorable, and you are such a responsible mother!
  • sherisatterley87Post a pic of this. Don't think we've seen this.
  • oliviafrances02@sherihays87 her four arm tattoo is a pencil
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