My miracle Cali .. This is something sweet my mom wrote and I decided to share
  • deenanicolemtvMy miracle Cali .. This is something sweet my mom wrote and I decided to share

  • sarah_jayteeAdorable !!
  • captain_krisShe is adorable. Love the feeling of seeing fellow animal nurturers
  • danim1990Aww omg bless that little dog I want to hug her!
  • loutjeeeeesoo sweett
  • ninal1973So cute
  • allaboutabubbleShe's so sweet!
  • oxsbenjaminxoAwwwww. She's beyond precious! @deenanicolemtv
  • emzeek8My precious 8month old yorkie had a seizure and it caused extensive brain damage where he was brain dead I just had to put him down 330 this morning I'm so happy your baby is okay I wish mine would of made it :( precious little girl you have @deenanicolemtv
  • ashlynvandevenaww
  • vivaglamsasha@emzeekate I'm so sorry for your loss 😭 I lost a pet before too it's so upsetting don't worry it'll get better 💜
  • emzeek8Thank you I just put my 11 year old lab down 8 months ago thanks @vivaglamsasha
  • clarahaglundBe strong Cali and Deena ❤
  • k_illiOMG I am so sorry to hear that she is blind :( you sound like such a caring momma to her, prays are with you all!
  • ro_baybeAwe so sad hope she lives a great life 🙏💕idk why bad things happen to innocent animals! 😪❤
  • nadiaserranooAw😢😭 how cute!🐶
  • lilvana305Aw such a little cutie <3
  • alexandriafidalgo@deenanicolemtv I have a Yorkie too and he had seizures as a puppy as well and is 2 now and blind as well. Sad but it makes them that much more special :]
  • kirsten_khanI'm so sorry about your baby, she's adorable and will love and bring you joy everyday (:
  • thenowrinklesclubSooooo sweet!
  • nikki1007Awwwwwwwwwwww that is adorable!!!
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