Goofing around at the park today
  • shecksGoofing around at the park today

  • henden105Best skater ever
  • dianakdiazrorgasmico!
  • snackjack420😚😚😚😚
  • pandagasxplosionthats sick! you're sick! 😲 @shecks
  • what_would_jen_doPlease come to Santa Barbara
  • runar55Skills dude
  • markgaughran00Be deadly to be him @shecks
  • brian_boucher1029I have a X box game about u
  • colegabrielsonHi Ryan!!!!! I just wanted to say that you are my favorite skateboarder in the entire world!!!!! You are my idol! You pushed me into become the best skateboarder that I can be! You are a really inspirational person to me!! I hope I get to meet u someday!!! Thank you!!
  • abud_obaidliHey Ryan!!! I'm just saying that u really really really like h and yr moves are inspirational and they made me intrested in skateboarding and I have just been skating for 4 years and I have had a lot of experience Becuz now I know how to kick flip and Ollie and board slide and much much more!!! :D
  • miquellvanveen_Cool shecks
  • john_costonMan ur my idle. I think ur the best skater ever. I wish I could do all the stuff u do
  • john_costonAlso I have a sheckler board
  • polhempTrip, cool shecks
  • samppaaaaaaaaI like skateboarding! Cool handplant, sheckler
  • cornu_iboi've got the same deck! :)
  • orlandothecreatorOne lucky stunt devil out of curiosity when did you start skateboarding please answer back thanks
  • lion_sk8boardingNice handplant sheck... Nice
  • ida_kirstine😍
  • alec_barkerI remember playing Tony Hawk Underground 2 and you was the only skater I'd skate with @shecks 🎮
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