My current selection of kicks I'm rocking daily 😎can you name the kicks in order from L to R????
  • therealswizzzMy current selection of kicks I'm rocking daily 😎can you name the kicks in order from L to R????

  • lou1eyork@therealswizzz win u gonna stop teasing us and give us a pick with the shaq attack release date im feeling like pookie working @ the Carter right now
  • hellavadude@loyaltendencies Very well said.
  • gullyonReebok's sucks Ass!!!!
  • pisces54No wonder he takin a break cause folks is hatin. Have u ever heard the saying if u don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all.
  • marty_mcflyCome back out with the Dee Brown Omni Lite...those def need to be in your rotation
  • stretch_madridAre those Shaqs???
  • guyz_peachesnice ass
  • mostunknown1When the Sam Cassell coming out
  • 2muchstyle4uNice
  • jayphungshaqnosis, shaq attaq, givenchy, givenchy, t-raww, kamikaze 2, kamikaze 2
  • alex_sitsuphanSwizz we need those Reebok Answer 1s in that black & navy patent leather joints! !!
  • mookiedollars1How bout who cares. If I was u it'd b pradas'gucci'LV
  • xyungstaxMy Nigga rocks the shaqs
  • boss_bobMy nigga, I thought Shaqs were for the less fortunate...cut that Shit out! Lol
  • detroits_honour_societyNo one wears these shoes but him...lmao... @therealswizzz is cool, just his choice of shoes is wack...but Reebok is cutting a check, so I guess...smfh
  • gookgxd_woozyLol Nigguh got shaqs on deck
  • micktd213@therealswizzz hey how about some more question CWs and thanks for the kamikazes
  • abdulaziz4080Are those shaqs??? *Faints*
  • thesandersonReal nigga! My word swizz Haas the best swag in the game. Doesn't have to cop Gucci this Louis that to be swagged out just cause he can afford it. Real niggas rockin the shaqs. Maaaad respect.
  • infamousfiz9Im pretty sure Shaq, shaqs, givenchy's, balmains, margielas, kamikazes, & last kamikaze. Slight work for you of course, #StayPositive
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